Samsung 25R Rechargeable Battery – 3.7 V 2500 mAh Lithium cell


Genuine Samsung 25R Li-Ion INR18650 batteries rated at 3.7V 2500mAh.

Generally an excellent quality, reliable Lithium battery that gives consistant great performance.
Suitable for use in all types of MODs

Model: INR18650-25R
Rated voltage: 3.6-4.2 V
Standard Capacity: 2500mAh
Standard charge: 1.25A, 4.2V, CCCV, 100mA deadline
Quick charge: 4A, 4.2 ± 0.05V, CCCV, 100mA deadline
Charging time; Standard charge 3hours/100mA deadline
Quick charge: 1hours/100mA deadline (25 °C)
Standard discharge curre 2500mA 0.2C, 2.5V cut
Maximum discharge current 35A
Continuous discharge 22A
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.5V
The standard charge 1A
The fast charge 4A
Weight 45g
Size 64.9 x 18.3
Use of the environment Charge 0 ~ 50 °C
Discharge -20 ~ 75 °C


1.High energy density
2.High working voltage for single battery cells.
4.Long cycle life
5.No memory effect
6.Capacity,resistance,Voltage,platform time consistency is good.
7.Good consistency.low self discharge.
8.Light weight,small size